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NFR 2016 Live Stream

That was determined Tuesday when the bareback bronc rider was bucked off during the opening performance of the Central Wyoming Rodeo.

“That horse had a great start,” Timberman said of Cervi Championship Rodeo’s Rose Puff. “She had a little bit of a hop move and when I was lifting with my left foot it just went over her neck, and on a horse like that it just wasn’t coming back.

National Finals Rodeo qualifier and the only competitor from Montana to qualify for the NFR in both team roping and tie-down roping, died Wednesday night from pancreatic cancer.

Parker qualified for the NFR once in tie-down roping (1980) and twice in team roping (1979, 1982). He was also a multi-champion for both the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit and Northern Rodeo Association.

As a team-roping header, Parker paired with David Motes at the 1979 NFR. They finished second in the average with a time of 110.1 seconds for 10 runs, Parker finished 11th in the world standings with $16,912 won.

 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

His performance at the NFR helped him win the 1979 PRCA Team Roping Rookie of the Year honor.

The next year, Parker qualified in tie-down roping, where he finished fifth in the average with a time of 153.4 seconds on 10 head. He finished 10th in the world standings.

A multiple-unit train powered by on-board diesel engines, the DEMU requires no separate engine or locomotive, as they are incorporated into one of the carriages.

 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

“A diesel engine powers an alternator and subsequently feeds the electric motors. Here every passenger-carrying coach has its own source of motive power fitted below the coach,” said Sharma. This enables the DEMU train to have quick acceleration and retardation, making it ideal to ply as a shuttle between stations located at short distances.

NFR 2016 Live

He said that the local passenger services are ideally suited for DEMU for its inherent advantages.

“As the DEMU train can ply in both directions, it does not require any cumbersome reversal at terminal stations. The coaches are also better adopted with more seating capacity. There will be total eight coaches in the DEMU train,” Sharma said.

Timberman’s no-score also was surprising considering his recent run. Despite competing in fewer than 30 rodeos this season, the Mills native currently is No. 31 in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association world standings.

The fact that it came in front of his hometown fans made it even tougher.

“It was embarrassing,” he said, “especially when I’ve been knocking it out of the park everywhere else I’ve been going.

“But I’ve got a lot of big rodeos coming up so there’s a lot of chances for me to still do something. Sometimes you’ve got to stumble before you climb.”

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